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The relaxed pace of the Cook Islands is reflected by the types of watersports available. You can just wade around in the cool turqoise lagoon to cool off, or pick up the oars and canoe or kayak to one of the small islets in Muri lagoon, or take on the elements and windsurf or sail.

Rarotonga has implemented a raui (marine conservation) program over the past two years.  As a result the lagoon is abundant with all kinds of marine life and make good snorkelling.  If climbing into the water isn't your thing then you can watch the marine life from a glass bottom boat.

For the professional diver, we have some excellent cave diving, drop-offs and a wide selection of living coral.   Furthermore, with the climate changes over the past year, we are now starting to get whale sharks.  Diving in the Cook Islands is mostly safe, as there are no deadly snakes, tiger or great white sharks. A plus for Cook Islands diving is that local divers are committed to ridding dive spots of the dreaded crown of thorns and therefore, we have a lot of living coral.

Gamefishing is also available.  The majority of catches are yellow fin tuna, but marlin, mahi mahi and rainbow runner catches are common.

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