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You could do most of the activities and tours on Rarotonga within 1-2 weeks, then you have to go for another round. Else, you can take things to the next level - delve deeper, learn the culture.  Or just lie back and relax with the warm sun on your skin and the cool ocean breeze in your face.  The latter is the reason many return to the Cooks year after year.

So what can one do in the Cooks.   Well there are a variety of watersports from snorkelling to game fishing. 

Otherwise, you can take in the sites from the undersea to nature to remnants of ancient times.

Otherwise engage in island cooking, fire making, pareu tying and other cultural activities.  

If you are up to the challenge, you can take on the mountains.   Otherwise, observe the natural flora and fauna, and native birds.

At night the bars and clubs are pretty quiet but there are live bands on some nights which will ensure you have a good time.  Bars close at about midnite on weekdays and Saturday except Friday.

You should never leave the Cook Islands without experiencing the local dancing, its sensuous and free-spirited. 

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