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Throughout the year there are a number of events that Cook Islanders participate in and that you could be a part of.

Dancer of the Year
The best Cook Islands dancers (male, female, children and visitors) come together to show off their ura (hula) dancing skills and costumes. If you wish to join the next competition, contact the Tourist Authority

Song Quest
Once a year, the search is on for the best Cook Islands vocalist and groups.

Miss Cook Islands
This competition is now held every two years because of the difficulty in finding girls to take part and insufficient funds/sponsorship. 

Kumete Sports
Normally held in the first week of June to celebrate the Queen's (Elizabeth) birthday, participation by the villages in the Kumete Sports has declined over the years. This event may dissappear in the next few years if interest cannot be revived.   Visitors can just join in on the day, just ask someone to guide you to the team leader.  Sports include: tug-o-war, atheletics.

Aug 4-10: Constitution Celebrations
Join the festivities of the Constitution Celebrations when we commemorate our self-governing status with cultural activities.  It is the only time in the year when you get to see Cook Islands traditional singing, dancing, drum-beating, coconut husking, ancient games and taste local delicacies all at the same time. There is also a float parade.  Its one big celebration and we'd love to have you, afterall they say 'the more, the merrier'.

Oct 26: Gospel Day
Celebrating the arrival of Christianity in the Cook Islands.  All the CICC churches put on a drama of biblical or missionary times.

Nov 1: Turama (All Souls Day)
If you are in the Cook Islands in the week leading up to 1st of November you will notice families cleaning their graveyards and adorning them with frangipani garlands and candles for All Souls Day.  This is a Catholic tradition for remembering the dead but is practised by all, Catholic or not.  Its also a good excuse to cleanup the graveyards of which most are by the roadside.  The candles are lit at night and left to burn out, it looks really pretty as the whole island is lit up by candle light.  I believe a similar thing is done in some of the Carribean islands.     

Nov 8-13: Tiare Festival
The Tiare Festival is a floral celebration featuring a float parade, a teen beauty pageant, workplace decorations, floral arrangements and lots of competitions.   

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